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How do I become a PBR sponsor?

Fill out our PBR sponsor form & one of our event organizers will contact you with more details.

Can the items I purchase at PBR be shipped to me?

No. You must be present at the event to receive the purchased items.

Are Hidden Falls fees included for PBR?

No. Park entrance fees will need to be paid at the front gate. Please see their website for details.

Do I need to take my top & doors off for PBR?

No, but you can if you’d like. There will be plenty of people there to help if you need it.

Can I just come for the main PBR event on Saturday?

Yes! Camping is not required.

Can I use a credit card to buy PBR raffle tickets?

No. Raffle tickets are sold for cash only at the event & cannot be purchased ahead of time.

Is it too late to register for the 2020 PBR?

YES.  Registration is closed

I have an idea for AJP’s site, who do I tell?

We’re constantly improving the site and would love to hear any ideas our members have that could make it better. Submit your ideas and other AJP members will be able to vote on them. The submissions with the highest votes will get priority attention.

Help! Somethings not working on the AJP site.

First, take a deep breath… everything will be OK. Second, try clearing your browser cache. We’re constantly making updates to the site and some browsers cache content meaning those updates won’t be seen until the cache refreshes. If that doesn’t fix your problem, report it or send an email to with a detailed description of the problem (something more than it doesn’t work), steps to reproduce and your browser/operating system versions.

How do I get shields, banners, stickers & other AJP swag?

We try to have someone at most of the events to distribute stickers. You can also order them from our store. You can also order apparel and accessories here.